EPD Registration Costs

The costs of preparing the LCA report, data collection, using an LCA consultant and verification are borne by the business preparing the EPD. The following details the registration costs payable to the Indianan EPD Programme. The funding for managing the International EPD® System comes mainly from the fee structure connected to the registration and publication of EPDs within the International EPD® System: Registration fee (a one-time cost): The registration fee is a single payment, with lower prices per EPD if many documents are registered at the same time.
Number of EPDs registered at the same time India Total Price (INR) ex. GST @ 18%
1 75,000
2 1,35,000
3 1,80,000
4 2,20,000
5 or more 50000 per EPD

Annual fee:

(recurring)The annual fee is to be paid per organisation, and covers all EPDs registered by that organisation. The size of the organisation should be provided in the registration form of the EPD.

Number of employees Company Size India Price per year(INR) ex.GST@ 18%
1-250 Small and medium-sized (SME) 1,00,000
N/A Additional business unit of large company 1,00,000
>250 Large company 1,25,000
N/A Trade Association representing multiple companies 50,000